Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions

Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions
Possibilities of numerical and experimental techniques
The University of Padova will host the fourth edition of the international seminar “Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions”.
The main aim of the seminar is that of promoting an exchange of knowledge, information and views and of creating a worldwide forum of specialists, researchers, experts, professionals and authorities in the field of preservation, protection and restoration of historical constructions, both architectural monuments and whole urban centers.
The previous editions of the seminar were held in Barcelona in 1995 and 1998 and in Guimarães in 2001.
Invited lectures and short contributions will cover the main aspects related to the study and repair of historical construction, mainly masonry structures, such as inspection, non-destructive testing and monitoring techniques, structural analysis, consolidation and strengthening techniques, characterization of building materials, use of innovative and traditional materials and techniques for the intervention on monuments. A certain number of case studies will present comprehensive practical experiences.

Lectures will be given in English with simultaneous translation to Italian.
The 12th of November a banquet will be held at the Venice Arsenal’s charming atmosphere.

A ferry service is arranged for all participants and their partners.
Saturday, 13 November, a lunch is planned after the special session and the technical visits to the Arsenal of Venice

For further information, please visit the seminar web-site : or contact us :

University of Padova,
Department of Structural and Transportation Engineering
Via Marzolo, 9,
35131 Padova
Tel: +39 049 8275576
Fax: +39 049 8275613

Inscription will enhance to participate to the Seminar Sessions, including coffee and lunch breaks, to the technical visit to the Arsenal of Venice and to the final banquet.

The Seminar is held under the High Patronage of UNESCO ROSTE and REGIONE VENETO.

University of Padova, 10-12 November 2004 Arsenal of Venice, 13 November 2004

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