Forum UNESCO – University and Heritage (FUUH) Programme

International network of co-operation in the field of higher education aimed at professors, scholars, professionals and postgraduate students. The website offers to the members of this network the possibility to publish on the web papers, thesis summaries, workshops, projects, activities, etc.

The Culture Sector of UNESCO and the World Heritage Centre invites you to participate and/or disseminate the Forum UNESCO University and Heritage programme – within the activities to develop articles 5 (paragraphs c and e), 22 (paragraphs a, b and c), 23, 27 and 28 of the World heritage Convention (1972), to build a “Knowledge Society”, and reach the UN Development Objectives for the 3rd Millenium.

The Forum UNESCO – University and Heritage Programme (FUUH) has an international scope: on one hand, to higher education institutions and/or research centers; and on the other hand, to professors and scholars, professionals of the heritage preservation and postgraduate students (masters, doctorate, etc.) interested in thematic areas related to the Natural and Cultural heritage.

This program conforms a co-operation network for the organization of activities that promote the protection and safeguard of Cultural and/or Natural Heritage , as well as the dialog and the exchange of knowledge, based on a spirit of participation and solidarity in accordance with the ideals of the Constitution of the UNESCO.

The Forum UNESCO – University and Heritage Network offers its members the possibility of publishing contents (papers, thesis summaries and publications, workshops, projects and activities, etc.) in the electronic newsletter of Forum UNESCO (ISSN 1887-1658) and in the website, created by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain) with the collaboration of the Spanish Agency for International co-operation for Development (AECID). The FUUH members receive the newsletter periodically.

The Culture Sector of UNESCO and the World Heritage Centre, as well as the members of the network, shall use the website and its databases to identify specialists in Cultural and/or Natural Heritage and to search for sponsoring of programs, projects and activities.

Send the attached individual application form if you are interested in the individual affiliation at Forum UNESCO – University and Heritage. Please, contact directly to UNESCO World Heritage Centre for institutional affiliation.

Yours faithfully,

Team of Forum UNESCO – University and Heritage (FUUH)

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