Konzervácia exteriérovej bronzovej plastiky

Seminár s týmto zameraním od roku 1994 každoročne organizuje New York Conservation Foundation. Tento rok sa bude konať v dňoch 2. – 6. a 9. – 13. augusta v New York City a v Princetone, štát New Jersey, USA. Seminár je určený pre konzervátorov, študentov, kurátorov zbierok, bronziarov, umelcov a obchodníkov s umením.
Introduction to Conservation of Outdoor Bronze Sculpture

New York Conservation Foundation
August 2 – 6, 9 – 13, 2004 in New York City and Princeton, New Jersey, USA:

“The Bronze Seminar” integrates diverse conditions, technical practices, aesthetic systems, and basic logistics and administration, for conserving outdoor bronze sculpture. Expert lectures, participant presentations and group discussions help place bronze monuments and their care in contexts of studio and foundry practice, environmental science, aesthetics and civilization. Field exercises include connoisseurship tours of outdoor monuments, and hands-on conservation and maintenance of outdoor bronzes.

Since 1994, about 100 conservators, conservation students, curators, foundry crafts people, art handlers and artists from the Americas and Europe have participated in this annual seminar.

This seminar addresses closely related aims:
1. Introduce outdoor bronze sculpture caretakers and their supervisors to current knowledge, theory and methods, oriented to the ethics and practices of modern conservation.
2. Share access to useful resources in the care of outdoor bronze sculpture, including experts, literature, technology and supply.

For details and to contact the Foundation, please visit
URL: http://www.nycf.org

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information or have any questions.

John Scott, Conservator of Art and Architecture
President, New York Conservation Foundation
c/o L Kenepaske, NYCF Secretary
275 Madison Avenue Suite 2010
New York, NY
10016 USA

212 714 0620 voicemail, 714 0149 fax

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Prírodovedné poznatky pre konzervátorov

15. – 18. novembra 2004 sa bude v Somersete, štát New Jersey, USA konať dvojdňový seminár o prírodných vedách pre konzervátorov, ktorý organizuje New York Conservation Foundation v rámci svojho programu Eastern Analytical Symposium. Témou prvého dňa seminára bude kontaminácia zbierok, druhý deň bude venovaný konsolidácii prírodného kameňa.

Charter for the Conservation

Paintings created by man constitute an important and impressive component of heritage. This creative art is always placed on a support and therefore, the preservation of the painted heritage constitute both the conservation of the supported fabric or edifice, and also the pigmented layer as well…

Prezident ICOMOS k následkom zemetrasenia v Indickom oceáne

Message by the President of ICOMOS, Michael Petzet, concerning the earthquake and ensuing tsunami in the Indian Ocean
Paris, 7 January 2005

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

ICOMOS joins the international community in deploring the tragic loss of life due to the tsunami which hit the coasts of several countries across Asia and Africa on Sunday 26 December 2004 and expresses its heartfelt sympathy to the populations and governments struck by this tragedy.

In these days all of our members are asking how we with our professional network can help those countries affected by the Tsunami disaster.

Course on Conservation of Built Heritage 2010 (CBH10)

Dates: 5 March – 30 April 2010, Place: Rome, Italy, ICCROM is pleased to announce the third training course on Conservation of Built Heritage in Rome. ICCROM has been a pioneer in organizing courses in heritage conservation since 1965 including the Architectural Conservation Course (ARC) and many other regular courses and long term programmes.

Disorientation – exhibition of Slovak contemporary visual art and graphical desi

Participating artists: Pavol Balik, Marcel Bencik, Erik Binder, Cyril Blazo, Pavol Cejka, Emil Drliciak, Patrik Illo Branislav Matis, Svatopluk Mikyta, Michal Moravcik, Jan Sicko, Exhibition: 2nd July 2005 – 30th July 2005
Opening Times: Wednesday – Saturday, 11.30am – 5.00pm
Globe City, 4th Floor, Curtis Mayfield House, Carliol Square, Tel: 0191 222 1 666, Free Admission. Curated by Mira Keratova