Australia ICOMOS National Cultural Tourism Committee

Call for Nominations for Chairman
The Australia ICOMOS Cultural Tourism Committee is the national committee that reflects the work of the ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Committee and seeks national opportunities to reinforce the philosophies of the ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Charter. Members are drawn from WA, Queensland, SA, Tas and NSW. More members are always welcome.
Unfortunately our Chairman, Sharon Veale, has been forced to relinquish her post for personal reasons. This is a great loss for the Committee, given her dedication and hard work in establishing the Committee in the early months of 2004.

The Committee members have requested that there be a national call for expressions of interest for the position of Chairman of the Committee. To date the Committee has met about every three to four months and has utilised telephone hook-ups to achieve greater efficiency. Its greatest success to date has been to support the outstanding outcomes of the November 2004 “Loving it to Death” Conference in Port Arthur.

As Chairman of the International Committee, I have accepted the position of Deputy Chairman of the AI National Committee. Since I am ineligible to stand for the position, I have assumed the role of reviewing nominations and discussing them with the AI Executive Committee.

Please send your personal nomination, accompanied by a short statement of capacity, interest and commitmentto:

Australia ICOMOS Secretariat
Nola Miles
Secretariat Officer
Ph: 61 3 9251 7131
Fax: 61 3 9251 7158

Nominations close on 22 February 2004.

Thank you
Graham Brooks

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Prezident ICOMOS k následkom zemetrasenia v Indickom oceáne

Message by the President of ICOMOS, Michael Petzet, concerning the earthquake and ensuing tsunami in the Indian Ocean
Paris, 7 January 2005

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

ICOMOS joins the international community in deploring the tragic loss of life due to the tsunami which hit the coasts of several countries across Asia and Africa on Sunday 26 December 2004 and expresses its heartfelt sympathy to the populations and governments struck by this tragedy.

In these days all of our members are asking how we with our professional network can help those countries affected by the Tsunami disaster.

Charter for the Conservation

Paintings created by man constitute an important and impressive component of heritage. This creative art is always placed on a support and therefore, the preservation of the painted heritage constitute both the conservation of the supported fabric or edifice, and also the pigmented layer as well…

Draft ICOMOS-Ename Charter on Heritage Interpretation

Following the discussions at of the ICOMOS Advisory Committee in Bergen, Norway in September, 2004, we are now seeking input from all members on the draft ICOMOS-Ename Charter on Heritage Interpretation. The text of the draft Charter will be available shortly via the Australia ICOMOS website – – look in the ‘news’ section.

Margaret Birtley leaves Deakin for the Collections Council of Australia

[from the Cultural Heritage Centre for Asia and the Pacific, Deakin University]
Margaret Birtley leaves Deakin University in February 2005 to take up the role of Chief Executive Officer for the new Collections Council of Australia (CCA). This new position grew out of collections research work for the Cultural Ministers Council completed by the Cultural Heritage Centre at Deakin University in 2001. The research identified a need for a national coordinating body for heritage collections.