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  • Where is the end? 2012

    Posted by admin_obnova on 30. augusta 2008 at 16:42

    As we approach this critical juncture in the timeline, it is vital that conscious beings the planet wide appreciate the implications of the diverse predictions regarding this key date.

    The literature on the subject is peppered with apocalyptic visions of doom, special-interest theological interpretations, and scholarly dissection, but this site aims to be something different.

    We maintain one premise alone about the nature of the transformations humanity may confront between now and December 21, 2012: that the outcome of inevitable change can literally be anything we can collectively imagine.

    What is your vision? A revolution in worldwide consciousness? Devastating wars, famine, plague and a new Dark Age? Renewal of ancient tribal ways? Or an exodus into the extraterrestrial?

    Metaphysical reckoning between opposing cosmic forces? The arrival or return of a long-awaited savior? Or cybernetic enslavement of humanity by machine masters we are creating at this very instant?

    If nothing else, the collective weight of all this speculation is bound to bring about some sort of transformation.

    The goal of the Karma Alliance Light Institute is to provide an avenue for energetic exchange about the most pressing issue on the planet-how our species can best unite around collective responsibility for our future and that of the planet we inhabit.

    Most importantly, this is a place to reflect on what it means to be alive at a time when destruction might well be on the horizon…and what we can do to avert the threat.

    The validity of these prophecies will be tested soon enough. Our intention is to present the various viewpoints without drawing a conclusion about future events. Instead, we will focus on presenting the evidence, and leave the conclusions up to you.

    Across the world, ordinary people and mystics alike are seized by epiphanies and cosmic revelations about 2012. The subject grips the imagination of artists, authors, and scientists as well as psychics. And there is certainly every reason to expect great transformations during this generation.

    Ultimately, the future will be what we make it. Destructive and creative elements alike are accelerating and interacting at an ever-increasing rate, as new developments in technology shatter the cultural structures of millennia past and highlight the great need to place our age in a context that makes sense to us.

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