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    Posted by palo on 30. januára 2007 at 16:56

    It is for me a pleasure inform you that it is on line the 2nd issue of the Web Journal on Cultural Patrimony.

    The table of contents of the 2nd issue of the WJCP is the following:
    1. Derya Oktay, How can urban context maintain urban identity and sustainability?: Evaluations of Taormina (Sicily) and Kyrenia (North Cyprus)
    2. Fabio Maniscalco, The Loss of the Kosovo Cultural Heritage
    3. Marwan Abu Khalaf, Ibrahim Abu A‘mar, Salah Al-Houdalieh, Robert Hoyland, The Byzantine and Early Islamic settlement of Khirbat Shuwayka,
    4. Fabio Maniscalco, Il patrimonio culturale in Medio Oriente fra Jihad, Intifada e “Guerra al terrorismo”
    5. Paolo Biagi, The Archaeological Sites of the Rohri Hills (Sindh, Pakistan): the Way they are Being Destroyed
    6. Dinh Quoc Phuong, Derham Groves, Hanoi Architecture: Some Observations By A Local And A Tourist
    7. Massimo Carcione, Dieci anni di Scudo Blu (1996-2006): nascita, potenzialità, limiti e criticità della “Croce Rossa” dei Beni culturali
    8. News and Documents: Salvatore Diglio, I documenti geocartografici sul confine tra Regno di Napoli e Stato Pontificio: Una Rassegna Documentaria
    9. News and Documents: Jose Garcia Vicente, UNESCO-ICOMOS Documentation Centre: A specialized bibliographic resource on built heritage
    10. News and Documents: Farid Al-Qeeq, Usama El-Esawi, An Approach to Conserve Gaza Architectural Heritage through Digital Technology
    11. Recensioni – Book Reviews di Massimo Cacciari; Michael Petzet ed Arianna Spinosa
    12. Libri Ricevuti – Books Received

    I inform you that the 3rd issue will be on-line at the end of June 2007. So, if you and/or your colleagues need to submit articles and/or book reviews, you can send me texts and images within the end of April 2007.

    Fabio Maniscalco
    Director of “Observatory for the Protection in Areas of Crisis of I.S.Fo.R.M.
    Honorary professor of Protection of Cultural Property at “Academy of Sciences of Albania”
    V.le Colli Aminei n. 461 “P.co Coravide”, lotto 15, 80131 Naples (Italy)Tel (0039) 0815922443 – 3387011247
    e-mail osservatoriobc@tin.itisform@libero.it

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