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  • Position at NCPTT: Preservation Scientist

    Posted by harp on 28. januára 2007 o 17:01

    Preservation Scientist
    National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT)

    The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT)
    and Northwestern State University seek a Ph.D. analytical, organic,
    or physical chemist to fill a joint-faculty position for two years,
    with an option for annual renewal pending availability of funds.
    Experience in environmental science and/or preservation preferred.
    This is a teaching and materials research position that is jointly
    shared and is located on Northwestern State University’s campus.

    During the two-year appointment, the incumbent will spend 2080 hours
    with NCPTT developing and completing a research project and 2080
    hours with NSU in a teaching capacity within the undergraduate
    chemistry program. Teaching responsibilities include 9 hours in the
    fall and 6 hours in the spring on topics of general, organic, or
    analytical chemistry. Also, the incumbent will develop or continue
    a research project under the direction of the NCPTT Materials
    Research Program Chief. The topic will be the effects of man-made
    outdoor air pollution on cultural resources. Hands-on research will
    include activities associated with the NCPTT Environmental Exposure
    Facility. The incumbent may supervise undergraduate and graduate
    research interns during summer months.

    The successful candidate will demonstrate experimental and
    theoretical skills in analytical, organic, or physical chemistry.
    This includes the ability to review appropriate literature,
    establish new hypotheses, design experiments, evaluate and analyze
    data, synthesize research results and disseminate information
    through oral presentations, peer-reviewed journals and electronic
    media. Knowledge of undergraduate general chemistry and analytical
    chemistry is essential. The candidate shall also demonstrate
    teaching skills including the ability to develop new courses,
    lectures, and lab sessions. Strong verbal and writing skills are
    needed for the position. Other skills include the ability to develop
    didactic materials including course syllabi, handouts, lab
    experiments, lecture notes and tests. The candidate will apply NSU
    standards for testing and grading student performance.

    We offer the successful candidate a unique opportunity to apply
    science to the preservation of cultural resources. Interested
    applicants should submit cover letter, curriculum vitae, and
    references to:

    Kevin Ammons
    645 University Parkway
    Natchitoches LA 71457.

    For more information e-mail mary_striegel nps__gov or see


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