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    I have been asked by our designer and display staff about the
    feasibility of incorporating a pond within an upcoming exhibit of
    mixed artefacts. The pond would surround 2 large porcelain
    figurines of fishermen and would use one of the commercially
    available garden-type ponds, built into a fake soil surround. The
    problems that I have identified thus far include raised humidity in
    the nearby environment, maintenance of water quality with/without
    algaecides or other additives, off-gassing of any additives used in
    the water, filling and draining of the pond, and splashing of water
    by visitors. I have lone a little research into various algaecides,
    but not yet on their effects on artefacts.

    The designer is also interested in the moving reflections that
    lights will cause when bouncing off the water, so there may be some
    mechanism to keep the water moving, such as an underwater pump; I do
    not know whether this will increase the VOCs. The flickering light
    could be another problem with nearby prints, etc.

    As a second option, they would like to consider the use of fish
    (carp) within the pond and all of the extra ramifications that that

    Has anyone had experiences with ponds (and fish) in indoor displays?
    Both negative and positive experiences and any other advice would be

    Carol Brynjolfson
    Vancouver Museum

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