aktivita " diskusia " Všeobecné diskusie " Hi! I’m new here, need some help!


  • freyja

    19. júla 2010 o 11:40

    I know it is a little bit late, but as a help to others:

    In the line above you have

    hľadať /search zoznam užívateľov / list of users pomocník/help nastavenia/properties nemáte máte nové správy/you have or have not new messages

    Clik on Nastavenia / properties.

    If you want to change/add signature, then find the second table with bigger white window. To the left there is this text:

    Text, ktorý môže byť pridávaný do Vašich príspevkov
    Maximálne 400 znakov
    / Signature: Text, that could be added to your posts. Max 400 characters.

    If you want to add picture / avatar, then find table below with text:

    Obrázky postavičiek / Avatars

    Prihrať obrázok postavičky zo svojho počítača: / Upload avatar from your computer

    Only ONE picture will appear on forum. Width is limited to 100 px, height to 100 px and file size should not exceed 30 kB.

    When you have made ALL the changes you wanted to made, then find at the very bottom one line:

    Kliknutím na toto tlačidlo uložíte vaše nastavenie: >>>Odoslať<<<
    Clik here to SAVE all CHANGES in your profile: >>>send<<<

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