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  • Conservation Fellowship 2007-2008

    Posted by harp on 28. januára 2007 o 16:23

    Fellowship at LACMA

    Andrew W. Mellon
    Conservation Fellowship 2007-2008
    Conservation Center
    Los Angeles County Museum of Art

    The Conservation Center at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art will
    award a total of three Andrew W. Mellon Fellowships in the
    Conservation Center. The five conservation sections–Paintings,
    Textiles, Paper, Objects and Conservation Research–each invite
    applicants. The fellowships, which are full time positions for one
    year, include a stipend of $28,080 ($2,340 per month) plus benefits.
    A $2,000 travel allowance for study/research will be allocated at
    the discretion of the section head and the Director of Conservation.

    The fellowship will focus on the study, examination and treatment of
    works of art in the collections of the Los Angeles County Museum of
    Art. Successful candidates will gain considerable experience working
    on works of art in well equipped, production-oriented conservation
    laboratories. Conservation involvement in rotating permanent
    collections, special exhibitions and movement of collections due to
    construction activities will enhance training opportunities.
    Research projects are encouraged. Participation in informal
    lectures, symposia, workshops and the like, will contribute to the
    fellowship program as well as the opportunity to visit and
    collaborate with nearby cultural institutions. The deadline for
    applications is March 15, 2007 and successful candidates will be
    notified by April 1, 2007.

    Fellowship positions will be available beginning Fall 2007.

    Eligibility: Candidates will be considered who have graduated from a
    recognized conservation training program, with the appropriate
    specializations, or who have similar training or experience. For
    the Conservation Research section, a Master’s degree in chemistry or
    materials science or equivalent training and experience is required.

    Interested candidates must submit the following material:

    A curriculum vitae including basic biographical information,
    current and permanent addresses and telephone numbers,
    education, experience and interests.

    Letters of recommendation from three professional references.

    A short statement of the candidate’s interest and intent in
    applying for the fellowship.

    The above material should be sent to:

    Mr. Adam Kaplan
    cc: Mark Gilberg
    Human Resources
    Director, Conservation Center
    Los Angeles County Museum of Art
    5905 Wilshire Blvd.
    Wilshire Blvd
    Los Angeles CA 90036

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