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  • Workshops on building conservation, 2007

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    28. januára 2007 o 15:31

    Heritage Conservation Network is pleased to announce its 2007
    schedule of hands-on building conservation workshops. The workshops
    allow participants to gain critical hands-on experience with
    different materials and conservation issues while contributing to
    preservation work at the sites. This year’s schedule is as follows:

    Conservation Survey in the Monastery of San Giovanni Battista,
    Serravalle, Vittorio Veneto, Italy
    April 1-14, 2007

    Traditional and Colonial Building Conservation in Ghana, Accra,
    Ghana (in association with the School of Environmental Design at
    the University of Georgia)
    June 24 – July 7, 2007

    Historic Finishes of the Old West, Virginia City, Montana (in
    association with the Virginia City Institute for Preservation
    Research and Technology)
    July 9-13, 2007

    Preservation Work at the Kornthal Parsonage, Jonesboro, Illinois
    (in association with the School of Architecture – Southern
    Illinois University Carbondale and the Kornthal Union County
    July 15-28, 2007

    Saving the Stark House, Port Robinson, Ontario
    September 23 – October 6, 2007

    Workshop fees range from $425 to $2000 per person per week,
    depending on location. Participation in the Serravalle workshop is
    limited to mid-career professionals, but the other workshops are
    open to anyone interested in acquiring preservation skills and
    experience or in contributing their time and effort to the project.

    This series of workshops will be followed in 2008 by workshops in
    Armenia, Albania, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom, providing great
    travel opportunities in conjunction with training.

    For further information, please contact

    Judith Broeker, HCN’s Program Director
    workshops heritageconservation__net


    Next Workshop: Conservation Survey in the Monastery of San Giovanni
    Battista, Serravalle, Italy, April 1-14, 2007. See website to

    Ms. Jamie Donahoe
    1557 North Street
    Boulder, Colorado 80304
    303-444 0128

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