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  • Symposium on documentation of World Trade Center

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    28. januára 2007 o 15:24

    World Trade Center Documentation Symposium
    Woolworth Building (NYU/Woolworth Conference Center)
    15 Barclay Street
    New York, NY
    March 29, 9am-4:30pm

    The New York State Archives, Documentary Heritage Program invites
    Archivists, Records Managers, Conservators and Historians to
    participate in a one-day symposium that will review the status of
    efforts to date to document this catastrophic event and plan for
    future documentation activities.

    The keynote speaker will be Dr. James E. Young, Professor of English
    and Judaica Studies at the University of Massachusetts. Dr. Young
    is writing a book about his experiences serving on the jury for the
    World Trade Center Site Memorial. Representatives from several
    institutions have been invited to discuss their WTC documentation
    activities, including the College of Staten Island, Hofstra
    University’s Long Island Studies Institute and Voices of September
    11, 2001. Following the presentations, break-out sessions will be
    held to review the success of current projects, identify
    documentation challenges yet to be addressed and to determine future
    actions. The group will then reconvene to determine a plan for
    future documentation, fund-raising and other support.

    As well as archivists, representatives from the family/survivor
    community and from first responder groups will be invited to
    participate and share their thoughts about documenting the defining
    moment for the start of the new millennium.

    For further information please contact either Ray LaFever
    <rlafever mail__nysed__gov> or Laura Zelasnic
    <lzelasni mail__nysed__gov>.

    Funding for this symposium is being provided through a grant awarded
    to the New York State Historical Records Advisory Board (SHRAB)/New
    York State Archives by the National Historical Publications and
    Records Commission (NHPRC).

    Laura Zelasnic
    Assistant Archivist
    Documentary Heritage Program
    New York State Archives

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