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  • Panel discussion on the preservation of video art

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    28. januára 2007 o 15:23

    Preserving Nam June Paik’s Video Installations: the Importance of
    the Artist’s Voice

    A free lunch-time session of the College Art Association (CAA) 2007
    annual conference in New York, to take place at:

    Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
    Celeste Bartos Theater
    Entrance: 4 West 54th Street
    New York NY
    February 16, 2007

    The International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art –
    North America (INCCA-NA), together with the Museum of Modern Art
    (MoMA), the American Institute of Conservation (AIC), and the Getty
    Conservation Institute (GCI), will present “Preserving Nam June
    Paik’s Video Installations: the Importance of the Artist’s Voice,” a
    panel discussion on the conservation of Paik’s time-based media

    Nam June Paik (1932 – 2006) was a South Korean-born American artist
    internationally recognized as a pioneer of video art and known for
    his active participation with curators in re-installing and
    technically upgrading his works. His recent death has had a major
    impact on how his works will be viewed and installed in the future.

    This panel will explore what happens when there is an absence of the
    artist’s voice and will address two primary concerns: the loss of
    visual components as certain technologies become obsolete, and the
    loss of conceptual components when there is no definitive roadmap of
    the artist’s intent to guide future curators. This event will
    feature presentations by a conservator, curator, and Paik’s
    assistant with the goal of examining best practices for documenting
    and archiving time-based media. The featured panelists will bring a
    combined expertise and insight into Paik’s working method to provide
    a unique opportunity to closely examine the roles an artist plays in
    the long-term preservation of their work and the options available
    to contemporary conservators.

    Presenters and their topics will include the following:

    Rudolf Frieling, Curator of Media Arts at the San Francisco
    Museum of Modern Art, will present current research in video art
    conservation through the project 40yearsvideoart: Digital
    Heritage as it relates to the work of Nam June Paik.

    Ulrich Lang, Chief Conservator at the Museum of Modern Art in
    Frankfurt, Germany and Jochen Saueracker, Nam June Paik’s
    assistant of twenty years, will discuss their case study of
    Paik’s One Candle from the Inside Installations project.

    The panel will be moderated by Gwynne Ryan, Objects Conservator at
    the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, with Barbara London, Associate
    Curator of MoMA’s Media department, and Glenn Wharton, Research
    Scholar at the New York University Conservation Center of the
    Institute of Fine Arts, acting as discussants.

    For more information about this event see <URL:http://www.incca.org&gt;
    or contact:

    Gwynne Ryan
    U.S. membership coordinator for INCCA-NA
    gryan mfa__org

    More information about the CAA conference can be found at:

    Please note that this is a free session, and registration for the
    CAA annual conference is not required to attend this panel

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