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  • Course on paper conservation, London

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    28. januára 2007 o 15:29

    “Infilling missing areas on works of art on paper using papermaking
    pulp dyed to different shades of yellow, red and blue”
    Camberwell College of Arts,
    Conservation Department,
    Wilson Road,
    London SE5 8LU
    2-3 April 2007

    Tutor: Alan Buchanan

    Alan Buchanan has developed a methodical visual system to create
    matching infills for missing areas in works of art on paper by
    dyeing cotton rag papermaking pulp to different shades of yellow,
    red and blue.

    Eight colour shades are made; six with different depths of shade,
    two with different levels of brilliance. Each chart is triangular
    and has at its apex a swatch of pure yellow. Below the apex is a
    line of two swatches, one is nine parts yellow, plus one part red,
    and the other is nine parts yellow and one part blue. The next line
    has three swatches: 8y + 2r, 8y + 1r + 1b, 8y + 2b and so on. The
    conservator passes the charts over thee work of art with a missing
    area and finds the nearest match, for example 1/2% 6y + 2r + 2b.
    From a stock of 1/2% dry dyed pulp he/she takes enough for the
    purpose and weighs carefully 6 parts yellow, 2 parts red and 2 parts
    blue. These are put into a blender and blended. This takes the pulp
    to a close match of the correct tone which can then be finely
    adjusted with small additions of the right colours.

    The dyeing process will be demonstrated and participants will be
    able to dye pulp and draw upon pre-dyed stcok to create matches and
    will try out different methods of infilling mising areas on the
    vacuum table.

    The course is aimed at professional paper conservators.

    Course fee: UKP250
    Minimum number of students: 5
    Maximum number of students: 8

    Book online at <URL:http://www.camberwell.arts.ac.uk/shortcourses&gt;

    For a discussion of this method see

    Monique Pullan
    “Paper Pulp Infilling: a Demonstration by Alan Buchanan”
    ICON News, Issue 8, January 2007

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