Guidance on urban rehabilitation

Urban rehabilitation today goes beyond simply carrying out restoration work and encompasses ways of reviving and modernising areas to best advantage.This book presents reference texts and sets out guidelines to assist local, regional and national authorities in devising strategies for local development and action plans for successful rehabilitation policies

ISBN : 92-871-5528-3
Format : 16 x 24 cm
No. of pages : 146
Price : 17 € + 10% postage

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We are looking Team Leader

We are looking for an expert to replace the Team Leader of one of our projects in Turkey. The project, Cultural Heritage Development of southeast Turkey, has already started 7 month ago and will run until January 2007.

CALL FOR PAPERS | The 7th US/ICOMOS International Symposium

Since the adoption of the World Heritage Convention in 1972, consensus on its criteria and operational guidelines has been shaped by a rich international discussion strongly influenced by the heritage policies of its 176state parties, including the United States. Reciprocally, World Heritage policies and principles have returned home to every country to refine and enhance each nations’ ability to address the complexity of its cultural and national heritage.

The Venice Charter 1964 – 2004 – 2044?

International Scientific Conference | Budapest – Pécs (Hungary), May 22-28, 2004
Several days in May, 1964 are red letter days in the history of monument protection. Those days mark the Second Congress of Architects and Specialists of Historic Buildings held in Venice, on the Isle of San Giorgio.

Victorian National Heritage Workshop Series

The EPBC Unit is pleased to announce a series of FREE Victorian workshops on the new National Heritage system. Hosted by community organizations and local government, these workshops will help participants determine whether places in their region could be ‘put on the map’ by being inscribed onto the National Heritage list.