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Obrázok používateľa harp
Editor textu v Obnova.sk

vystala poziadavka, ako vlozit odkaz do textu. Prikladam pre to video ktore sa tym zaobera. Postupne pridam viac informacii ot omto editore. Budem rad ked mi napisete ktore funkcie editora vyuzivate a ktore by vam nechybali.


Pracujem aj pre www.obnova.eu // www.cervotoc.sk // www.lanovefarby.sk

Fotografia v diskusiach - harp
See video
Obrázok používateľa harp

Opravil som chybu ktora sposobovala ze sa text mimo editora zobrazoval s HTML znakmi namiesto diakritiky. Sposobovalo to problemy hlavne v pripade porovnavania obsahu pri pamiatkach a kluboch v reviziach, uz by to malo byt vporiadku.

Obrázok používateľa harp

Zas som trochu vylepsil editor pre pridavanie obsahu. Pribudl amoznost:

Funkcie ako BOLD Kurziva Podciarknute a preciarknute zostavaju zachovane

Citacia zostala zachovana

Vlozit odkaz zostal ako aj odstranit

Pribudla moznost vlozit obrazok a flash idealne z Obnova.sk.

Moznost vlozit tabulku.

Vlozit smiles

Vlozit Symbol

Undo a rendo

Vlozit ako text

Vlozit bez formatovania word

Odstranit formatovanie

Zobrazit zdrojovy kod.

Obrázok používateľa harp


Co vsetko nas editor dokaze, zapnute si iba niektore funkcie. Ked budete chciet viac napiste-podiskutujeme.


Source.gif View or edit the document source code (for advanced users). See Source Editor.
New.png Removes all contentes, creating a new blank page.
Save.png Saves the page you were editing.
Preview.gif Preview what the HTML page will look like for users.
Templates.gif Select a layout template. See Templates
Cut.gif Cut the highlighted text to the clipboard. See Cut, Copy and Paste.
Copy.gif Copy the highlighted text to the clipboard. See Cut, Copy and Paste
Paste.gifPastetext.gif Paste the data copied to the clipboard (with or without formatting). See Cut, Copy and Paste.
Pasteword.gif Paste content copied from Microsoft Word or similar applications. See Cut, Copy and Paste
Print.gif Print the current document. See Printing
Spellcheck.gif Spell check the text in the document. See Spell Checking.
Undo.gifRedo.gif Undo or redo the most recent action taken. See Undo and Redo.
Find.gif Find a word or phrase within the document. See Find and Replace.
Replace.gif Find and replace a word or phrase within the document. See Find and Replace.
Selectall.gif Select the entire text in the document.
Removeformat.gif Remove the formatting from the highlighted text.
Bold.gifItalic.gifUnderline.gifStrikethrough.gif Applies bold, italic, underscore or strikethrough formatting to the highlighted text.See Text Formatting.
Subscript.gifSuperscript.gif Superscript or subscript the highlighted text.See Superscript and subscript in Text Formatting.
Insertorderedlist.gifInsertunorderedlist.gif Creates numbered or bulleted lists. See Creating Lists.
Outdent.gifIndent.gif Increase or decrease the text indentation. 
Blokquote.png Format a block of text to identify quotations (text provenient from other sources).
Justifyleft.gifJustifycenter.gifJustifyright.gifJustifyfull.gif Sets the text alignment (left, centered, right or justified). See Text layout and format in Text Formatting.
Link.gifUnlink.gif Converts or removes the text in hyperlinks. It may also by used to manage file uploads and links to files on the web server. See Links, E-Mails and Anchors.
Anchor.png Inserts or modifies a link anchor. See Links, E-Mails and Anchors
Image.gif Inserts images into the document. See Inserting Images.
Flash.png Inserts a Adobe Flash element into the page.
Table.gif Creates a table with the defined number of columns and rows. See Tables.
Inserthorizontalrule.gif Inserts a divider line (horizontal rule). 
Smiley.gif Inserts an emoticons image (smiley faces, email icon, lightbulb, etc.).
Specialchar.gif Inserts symbols & special characters (accented characters, trademark, currency symbol, etc.).
Pagebreak.gif Inserts a printing page break. Only impacts printed version. 
FCK_style.gif Styles & formatting determine the appearance and semantic value of your document. You may use the drop down boxes to apply styles, set the font, its size, etc. To remove the applied style select the style name again. See Text Formatting.
Textcolor.gif Changes the color of the text. See Size and color in Text Formatting.
Bgcolor.gif Changes the background color of the text. See Size and color in Text Formatting.
Maximize.png Maximizes the editor size inside the browser.
Show_blocks.png Shows where the block elements boundaries in the text.
About.png Shows information about the FCKeditor.


Form.png Creates a new form block into the page.
Checkbox.png Inserts a checkbox to the page.
Radiobutton.png Inserts a radio button to the page.
Textfield.png Inserts a text field into the page.
Textarea.png Inserts a multi-line text area into the page.
Selection_field.png Inserts a selection field into the page.
Button.png Inserts a form button into the page.
Button_image.png Inserts an image into the page, which behaves much like form button used to submit forms. Do not use it to insert plain images into the document.
Hidden.png Inserts a hidden field into the page.


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