highlight the mature and stable operation of its projects

targeting this opportunity to Replica rolexshout out to become a They have such an ambition is not groundless. At least currently planned series of projects under construction in the annular zone of 50-100 km from Wuhan, central city to the formation of ring Wuhan furniture industry circles Hubei furniture industrial park investment since 2008 has taken a big step. InvestmentReplica watches in the built furniture industrial park project has four, respectively, Kinmen and Matsu Hankou North Triumph furniture CBD, Qianjiang Central China Furniture Industry Park, the Hanchuan Ku City Furniture Industrial Park and the Hong'an financial Park furniture industrial park. The following author these industrial park inventory. Hankou North Golden Horsefake rolex Triumph furniture CBD Hankou North Golden Horse Triumph furniture CBD began construction on May 20, 2008, total construction area of ​​2.6 million square meters, total investment of 5.2 billion yuan, built in three phases five yearsfake rolex watches . The first phase opened in September 2009. The end of August this year, the total size of 300,000 square meters of replica watches home industry clusters upstream market source project - furniture raw materials market, has attracted so many industryreplica watch  investors and customers. At present, the international wholesale city and boutiques Street song, Hu Yaobang, Cheers, Fu Yun billion U.S. flagship store have been successfully opened, a total operating area of ​​120 Articles. With theChristian louboutin  Hanzhengjie overall relocation of the embankment angle to Hankou North light rail construction the Jinma Triumph Home CBD value once again highlight the mature and stable operation of its projects are in the early stage of collectiveChristian louboutin sale listing in the next short period of time, the value will be focused on the release . Qianjiang Central China, furniture Christian louboutin outletindustry Central China Furniture Industry Park on October 19, 2010 at full capacity, the project aimed at the future golden years, a total planning area of ,in three phases construction, the park offers four base, five major centers, a market.Christian louboutin replica Park, a project is ordered construction, will build a 200,000 square meters of furniture exhibition center and a meters of raw and auxiliary materials. Currently, an investment enterprises amounted to  including Sichuan, ; and so on 48 well-known furniture companies settled, signing a total investment of  billion yuan, the construction of the watches replica park's high point jump. 21 under construction, three have been first put into operation.Fuzhou buy news new house financial Fuzhou second-hand housing in Fuzhou the rent Fuzhou real estate selected companies to find the design you want to bid see Case concept model, male pack  Fuzhou decoration decoration renderings living room bedroom kitchenduplicate watches  and bathroom household appliances furniture soft loaded building materials mall forum activities second-hand Robe de mariée housing in Xiamen Xiamen rent ;National Day, Fuzhou Meikailong accompanied, bought building materials furniture, to create the desire of their own dream home can finally easily! National Day seven days Meikailong home improvement dramaRobes de cocktail is about the grand opening! Audience promotions brilliant, the various forms. Consumption without the need to send 1replica Christian louboutin per spike will be able to take home the high-end home, ultra-low price, low discount prices, the National Day special price promotions such as creative Madden, more to stimulate the surprise prize draw, this year's third BMW luxury car in turn eventually lead to the audience, sparking the lottery craze. Who will be the BMW winner, please wait and see! Meikailong malls imitation Christian louboutinNational quadruple ceremony, efforts to save money so that you Rites: Imports of BMW luxury car prizes waiting for you! 1, where the October 1 - October 7 in Meikailong Fuzhou Sandi mall shopping, actually paid overreplica rolex the amount of $ 500, you can get coupon the; actually paid over the amount of 1000 yuan to get the a; actually paid over the amount of 5000 yuan, you can get raffle tickets one of the joy of travel; four types of raffle tickets can be superimposed to receive buy-. such as: purchase of 6,000 yuan to get The joy of travel, 2, with the Redstar unified sales fake rolex submarinercontract documents and unified cash register receipts to the floor cashier (1 Desk) to receive the corresponding number of raffle tickets, and fill out personal information. 3 raffle tickets to be delivered to the mall floor, sharing space (October 7 the Replica rolex for men sweepstakes October 1 to October every night at 21 o'clock opening lottery locations malls negative on the second floor in the atrium outside the Square) the Duijiang way] the scene extraction, and lottery results on-site publicity, the winner to therobe de mariée informelle mall designated to accept the award at the receiving; [Awards] See mall the

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